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Unlock Your Dreams Challenge!

Learn how to understand and interpret your dreams in order to dive into a richer, adventure-filled life with God.

You can understand the messages God is giving you through your dreams, apply them to your life and receive all He wants to give you: 

Encouragement! Healing! Guidance! 
Direction to your divine purpose! 
And so much more!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds



Hany Soryal

...is a destiny coach and business strategist who has been interpreting dreams and teaching on dream interpretation in nations all over the world for over two decades.
Tens of thousands of people have been strengthened and encouraged by the transformational power of Hany’s insightful and humorous teaching on Understanding the Language of God and the Interpretation of Dreams.

His 20+ years of experience in accurate and insightful dream interpretation, coupled with his powerful prophetic gift, have positioned him as an adviser to business, political, and spiritual leaders in many nations.

By training people in dream interpretation through his Dreams MasterClass, Hany helps people discover their divine purpose, increase their influence, and affect transformation in their lives, families, businesses...even their nations.


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What People Are Saying About Our Dreams MasterClass:

You are worth investing in.

You were created to experience the abundant life with God. Jesus spoke in parables and is still speaking in riddles today. If God is sending you messages through dream “movies” in the night, wouldn’t you want to learn this pictorial language to crack the code of what He is saying?

In the midst of global transition, what if the answer you are waiting for, the key to what you need in this season -- wisdom, guidance, healing, encouragement, confirmation, life direction -- comes from God in the form of a dream like it did for Joseph, or Pharaoh or Daniel?

What if God was serious about Acts 2 -- that in the last days He is going to speak primarily through dreams and visions? Will you have cracked the code to understand God’s primary language?  

If you had fallen in love with someone who spoke a different language, how much would it have been worth to you to learn at least the basics of their language so that you could understand their heart and understand what they were communicating to you?

Now is your chance to understand the language of the One who loves you more than anyone -- and to experience His love at a deeper level than you could ever have imagined!

You were made to experience an adventurous life with God. Why not join the company of those who have gone before us -- heroes like Abraham, Jacob, Daniel, Paul, Joseph and more -- who have all experienced the transforming power of dreams from God?  

In just 5 short days, if you go all in and apply what you learn, you could have clarity, understanding and discernment about what God is saying, how to respond and experience the life transforming power of your dreams.

Don’t miss another message from God. Join us and start getting clarity and understanding on your dreams -- so you can partner with God to transform your REALITY.

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