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Be sure to join our incredible Unlock Your Dreams Facebook Group!

This is the first essential step because it’s where you’ll meet us for all of our FB Live-streamed training. 

PLUS, that is where you will also find some special bonuses we didn’t even tell you you were getting! Keep checking in on the FB page as the Challenge approaches and during the 5 days we are together. Don’t skip this step! :)

STEP 2: Get your MUST HAVE Dreams Toolkit!

Don't miss out on your chance to ALSO get the foundations every dreamer needs with the Dreams Toolkit! 

What You'll Get In Your Kit:

- How to Increase Your Dream Recall! ($100 Value!)
Have you ever felt that you didn’t dream because you don’t remember your dreams? Or maybe you only remember parts of your dreams but would like to remember everything you dreamed? In this session, we share practical tips in how to increase your dream recall. 

- How to Record Your Dreams! ($100 Value!)
An essential step in stewarding the messages God is giving you in your dreams is having a system to record and track them. In this session, we share some proven techniques and tips for how to consistently capture, catalog, and evaluate your dreams.

- Encounter Dreams Part 1&2 Videos ($100 Value!)
Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid and alive that you thought it actually happened? In this two part video series, we share how to recognize if you’ve experienced an encounter with Jesus, Heaven or angels through a dream.

- What Do I Do With My Dream? ($200 Value!)
Biblical Framework to effectively Respond to your dreams. 
“Now that I understand my dream, what do I do with this interpretation?” 
This is one of the most frequently asked questions people have after they learn how to understand their dreams. People often get stuck because they do not know how to respond to their dreams and their meanings. Hany will teach the Biblical framework he uses for his personal life, businesses, national leaders and movements.

Don't miss another message from God that could contain the answer you've been needing OR a message to avert a crisis and so much more! What is the cost of missing an opportunity, guidance for a business deal, healing in relationships...WAY more than $500...

But my team and I felt that, in this challenging season, it is important for as many people as possible to make progress in understanding what God is saying to them. So we are making the DREAMS TOOLKIT available for just $27!  Click the button below to sign up!

STEP 3: Watch Our Welcome Video

Please also make sure to check your email inbox for an important welcome email from Hany and the Team regarding The Unlock Your Dreams Challenge!
(*If you don't see it, please check Spam or the "Promotions" tab in Gmail)

STEP 4: Set Reminders In Your Phone

Need extra reminders? Let your phone be your reminder. Set daily alarms, write on the wall (or your fridge), whatever gets the job done to not miss out! You’ll want to set aside about an hour every day from Monday June 21st to Friday June 25th at 10 AM PST (1 PM EST) so you don’t miss any of the good stuff coming your way!

STEP 5: Go Full In With Daily Exercises.

By joining this challenge you now have personal access to the Action Steps that we’ve provided to walk you through this journey. Completing these exercises is key to going from where you are now, to unlocking your dreams when these 5 days are over…
Check out the units in the Facebook group each day as we post these practical exercises to help you apply what you are learning. 

STEP 6: Tell Us About Yourself!

Go live in the Facebook group to tell the Unlock Your Dreams Challenge Family your name, where you’re from, why you’re passionate about dreams and your #1 reason for joining this challenge!

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